Simplified workflow of a web proxy
Web Based Proxy

Let's say that your IP address is : and the IP address of the web based proxy which you are going to use is

When you access websites through web based proxies (anonymizers) the magic starts:

1.You make a request to access - for an example : google.com, the request goes through the proxifying server, encapsulates and masks it with its own IP address.
2.Your masked request reaches the destination (google.com). Google.com reads the request and sends back a response (a.k.a all the data, stored at this specific url address)
3.The response goes back through the proxifying server and then it is displayed at your personal computer - your IP address remains hidden. This is very basic explanation of how web based proxy servers work!

Why is that response arrow red?
When you send a request to any destination server, they can resolve your real IP addres, just like we do here: Scary stuff, anyway this means that if they want to perform a direct hacking attack like trojan horse injection or something else *** , they will directly hit your home pc. BUT wait, when the response (red arrow) goes back, instead of your pc it hits the web based proxy which takes the bullet for you and then sends back the pure information to your browser. Simple!

*** - Sometimes you see live notifications from your Antivirus software for successfully blocked viruses, but sometimes you don't right?

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Web Based Proxy - Pros & Cons

Moreover your real IP address remains hidden for the remote server (e.g google.com). This happens, because once you send a request through the web based proxy the proxy acts as it's your own pc. Of course there are advantages and few disadvantages.
For an example some proxies may log your personal information, so it is highly recommended that you use them mostly to watch videos, unblock restricted content, visit social media websites and so on. It is not recommended to submit credid card information while using a regular proxifying service.

Also, please note that you may not use web proxies for illegal activities or abuse of any type. If an attack was performed on your behalf through such proxy and if the victim contacts the system administrator you might be traced.
On the other hand, while you browse the web you are protected against direct hacking attacks and identity theft. Remember that you browse the web through a remote server which acts like it is your own computer. If you however require a completely secure connection, you can use a virtual private network instead of the regular web proxy.
Virtual private networks have all the benefits of regular proxies. In addition, they are harder to be traced and detected and they use highly encrypted private tunnels with up to 256bit encryption, which guarantees that you are completely safe to do everything. Credit cards and other personal data are protected by military level encryption. Currently such service can be found at one of the AVG subsidary companies. We believe that their service is one of the cheapest out there and definitely one of the best in all aspects.

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