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The unlimited source of fresh proxies.

Your IP Address is exposed. This can cause various problems such as direct hacking attacks, virus infections and more. To add an extra protection layer to your computer, use one of the listed servers below. Our proxy list is free and always will be.

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You can submit your servers to the database for free, but not without limitations. We publish only valuable servers, no clones, no free or sub domains etc. We DO care about content, so all servers (paid or free) will be checked manually. Servers with low count of ads, good quality and backlinks pointing to us are often published within our social accounts. Good luck ! During the last update: 2486 websites and 466844 clicks were removed. Please make sure you link back to us.


Are you mad? Your access is restricted again? Use any of the web proxies from the lists below to bypass all applied limitations. Social and other websites are easily unblocked. However, after a while public servers are often busted. so make sure to check for new premium and public servers every day! Have fun !


Premium Proxy Servers

URL Visits Since Status
1616 03/12/2014 Server Status
1467 03/12/2014 Server Status
1549 30/11/2014 Server Status
2560 30/10/2014 Server Status
1717 04/12/2014 Server Status
1566 28/11/2014 Server Status
1750 04/12/2014 Server Status
2071 03/12/2014 Server Status
1634 03/12/2014 Server Status
1505 03/12/2014 Server Status
1043 04/01/2015 Server Status
1447 03/12/2014 Server Status
1416 03/12/2014 Server Status
1585 03/12/2014 Server Status
236 13/02/2015 Server Status
14127 20/04/2012 Server Status
1845 04/12/2014 Server Status
1532 03/12/2014 Server Status

Public Proxy Servers

Location URL Speed Visits Submitted On
United States Proxy Server Speed 1 27/02/2015, 08:02:28
United States Proxy Server Speed 3 27/02/2015, 06:02:07
United States Proxy Server Speed 17 26/02/2015, 16:02:15
United States Proxy Server Speed 35 26/02/2015, 12:02:18
United States Proxy Server Speed 20 26/02/2015, 06:02:27
United States Proxy Server Speed 24 26/02/2015, 00:02:59
United States Proxy Server Speed 23 25/02/2015, 06:02:19
Russian Proxy Server Speed 27 24/02/2015, 23:02:07
Russian Proxy Server Speed 29 24/02/2015, 23:02:38
United States Proxy Server Speed 32 24/02/2015, 07:02:25
United States Proxy Server Speed 32 24/02/2015, 05:02:28
United States Proxy Server Speed 42 23/02/2015, 06:02:35
United States Proxy Server Speed 49 23/02/2015, 05:02:01

Public Server - Alternatives

Private Proxies

Instead of using public servers which are also known as open proxies, you can buy your own private server. These type of servers work just like public ones, but they are more dedicated to your needs. You can be sure in few things: These servers have higher uptime - they will be there for you when you need them. The connection speed is reliable and your sensitive information won't be logged or stolen. If you need a good and reliable private server, we highly recommend to buy one from us.

Private VPN

What if public and private proxies just dont work enough well for you? Because of their software nature, this type of servers are only usable and working through web browsers. If you need to change the IP of your computer or mobile device on all levels (programs,games etc...) including the web browser of course, you will need to use a VPN . Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are the most secure and preferable method for that purpose - world wide. Because of requests from our existing clients and of course the global demand for this type of service, we now offer VPN accounts. PDB - VPN is compatible with Windows/Linux/Mac/Android/iOS. The connection between your device and our server is encapsulated and encrypted by 256 bit algorithm. This guarantees that while using the service you can even make payments in complete confidence. Book your VPN account with us for just $2.99 per month.

Software Type
Glype (1509)
PHProxy (579)
CGI (7)
Zelune (4)
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