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Welcome to PROXYDB, the unlimited source of fresh proxies.
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This can cause various problems such as direct hacking attacks, virus infections and more. To add an extra protection layer to your computer, use one of the listed proxy servers below.
Using such servers is free and always will be. Enjoy ;-)

Dear webmasters,
you can submit your proxy to our database free of charge. Or you can use our proxy promotion ad space to get more traffic. Here at PROXY DB .ORG we DO care about content, so all of the submitted proxies (payed or free) will be chacked instantly.
Dear users,
if your facebook, myspace or other website is blocked, you can use some of the reliable proxies listed below. We can offer you a daily proxy list so you can always access your favourite websites. Have fun !

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Selected Proxies

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http://upproxy.com3022 hours week
http://ukwebproxy.net1501 week
http://dedicatedipaddress.net4013 weeks
http://UnlockHome.info3043 weeks
http://unblockandsurf.com89142 years

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Glype (2869 proxies)
PHProxy (722 proxies)
CGI (4 proxies)
Zelune (3 proxies)
Surrogafier (no proxies)
Happy (no proxies)
ASProxy (no proxies)
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New Proxies

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http://mailhome.infomore info
Glype62 hours
http://pproxyz.commore info
PHProxy3413 hours
http://appip.infomore info
PHProxy3214 hours
http://upproxy.commore info
Glype2115 hours
http://workninja.infomore info
Glype4323 hours
http://networksoft.infomore info
PHProxy631 day
http://fastproxyx.commore info
PHProxy691 day
http://metaproxy.semore info
Glype451 day
http://arkeyboard.commore info
Glype622 days
http://a77.comore info
Glype692 days
http://workme.infomore info
Glype662 days
http://streamab.commore info
Glype602 days
http://networkmobi.infomore info
PHProxy652 days
http://ipfly.infomore info
PHProxy572 days
http://speedproxy.semore info
Glype583 days
http://cyberhidden.infomore info
PHProxy443 days
http://techip.infomore info
PHProxy443 days
http://unblockwebsites.semore info
Glype563 days
http://hiddeneuro.infomore info
PHProxy604 days
http://siteninja.infomore info
Glype504 days
http://serverfree.semore info
Glype604 days
http://happylive.infomore info
PHProxy544 days
http://pronetwork.infomore info
PHProxy775 days
http://dnsproxy.semore info
Glype1006 days
http://instanthidden.infomore info
PHProxy1036 days
http://geohappy.infomore info
PHProxy1186 days
http://japanproxy.bizmore info
Glype1076 days
http://mywebtunnel.infomore info
Glype1186 days
http://serversocial.infomore info
Glype821 week
http://proxydistrict.commore info
Glype1231 week
http://prohouse.infomore info
Glype861 week
http://happydot.infomore info
PHProxy1221 week
http://proxymaster.infomore info
PHProxy1121 week
http://cloud-server.semore info
Glype1361 week
http://sharpsecure.infomore info
PHProxy1491 week
http://geeknetwork.infomore info
PHProxy1361 week
http://videoproxy.semore info
Glype1211 week
http://yoyoyachtsproxy.infomore info
PHProxy1541 week
http://internethappy.infomore info
PHProxy1151 week
http://publicproxy.semore info
Glype1011 week
http://proksyfree.commore info
PHProxy921 week
http://secureabc.infomore info
PHProxy951 week
http://schoolworld.infomore info
Glype801 week
http://citysecure.infomore info
Glype991 week
http://proxyhotel.infomore info
PHProxy1201 week
http://ipdata.infomore info
PHProxy931 week
http://ukwebproxy.eumore info
Glype991 week
http://anoncloud.semore info
Glype1021 week
http://bevpn.infomore info
Glype931 week
http://serverlight.infomore info
Glype831 week
http://airsecure.infomore info
Glype861 week
http://hiddengood.infomore info
PHProxy901 week
http://dotproxy.infomore info
PHProxy1041 week
http://unblockproxy.semore info
Glype941 week
http://movproxy.infomore info
Glype1121 week
http://securemac.infomore info
PHProxy981 week
http://bestanonymous.semore info
Glype731 week
http://1stproxy.infomore info
PHProxy921 week
http://vpnhotel.infomore info
Glype912 weeks
http://proxbud.commore info
Glype1272 weeks

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